Who We Are     

Manda’s Plant Farm has been rooted in Canal Fulton for 45 years. In 1965, due to a love of Nature, Joseph Manda started harvesting seeds and went under the name M and A Seeds. He then expanded into growing seedlings and selling the plants and the name then changed to Manda's Plant Farm. 

In 1972, the first glass structured greenhouse was relocated from Portage Lakes to Canal Fulton, piece by piece. As a young woman I learned to love and appreciate the fascination of watching something go from a simple seed to a wondrous explosion of color - and even the bonus of food!  I took over the business in 1988, now a second generation greenhouse, and specialize in growing and selling hundreds of varieties of quality plants that are chemical free. 

A concern for the environment and our patrons has been the reason no toxic chemicals are used at the greenhouse. We have the knowledge to advise you on the simplest gardening questions or helping to design a more complex planting. We love "newbies" for the mere fact we can direct them on the proper way to  achieve their goals with the least amount of mistakes.


Throughout the season, Manda’s offers several classes for families to enjoy, including, but not limited to, concrete trough design, fairy and miniature garden construction and information on heirloom vs hybrid vegetable varieties. We have several sales throughout the year - things such as "likes" on Facebook, "arm load sales" and "I'm sick of watering events!" Our kick off to the season starts with "bring me a birthday card" promotion. (We open April 20th, my birthday!) 

Come experience the not-so-normal way we approach growing and the fun that ensues.